Vietnam to host its first World Rice Conference

The 10th World Rice Conference, one of the world’s premier conferences on the rice trade, will be held in Hanoi for the first time from October 10-12 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and The Rice Trader (TRT), drawing around 500-600 delegates.

With the participation of importers, distributors, groups and intermediate traders of major and traditional markets such as China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Africa, Europe and Mexico, the conference presents an opportunity for Vietnam to promote its rice industry and exports and showcase the achievements in improving the quality and added values of Vietnamese rice products.

It also helps to raise the image of Vietnamese rice as the country focuses on building an international brand and improving the quality of rice while implementing a rice export market development strategy and a new legal framework for rice export activities.

At the conference, participants will compare notes on the short term expectation for the domestic and international rice trade while domestic and foreign businesses will seek cooperation opportunities in rice trading and production.

On the occasion, the MOIT will coordinate with the Vietnam Food Association and a variety of businesses and international experts to organize Vietnam’s first international rice conference.